How to Prevent Forklift Accidents

While the number of forklift accidents is low with only about 1% of the total industrial accidents reported in the U.S., the injuries the accidents do cause are usually pretty devastating. If a forklift is in use at your business, it is essential to protect your business and employees from the risks. Not only do injuries change lives, they cost businesses more than $135 million every year. Many forklift accidents are avoidable. Use the tips below to minimize forklift accidents and the consequences they bring.

Proper Training is Critical

Forklift training is required by OSHA before a person can operate forklift. The training ensures they know the proper ways to use the forklift, drastically reducing the risks of accidents. It’s your responsibility to provide employees with the proper training. Make sure that it is thorough and that your information is adequate and up to date. It may take a bit more time and planning but the results are worth the results. Make sure the employee understands the training and proper use of the forklift before it’s used.

Pedestrians & Forklift Accidents

Many pedestrians are injured due to forklifts. Forklift drivers with limited visibility may not see the person walking and strike them with the warehouse equipment atlanta. Use separate pathways for forklifts and pedestrians to reduce risks and make sure that other security measures, such as steel guard rails, are also used.

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A Safe Zone

Make sure the forklifts used at the business are in good condition and contain blue safety lights on both the front and rear of the forklift. The workplace should have safety mirrors on aisle corners, rack uprights, and on the ceilings and, of course, make sure that the entire facility is well lit at all times the forklift is in use.